The Company Claus Metalli Ltd. is registered to the National Register of Companies engaged in waste disposal for the following category and class referred to Art. 8 and 9 of D.M. 406/1998:
Category 2 (collecting and transporting of non-dangerous waste) identified under Art. 33, D. Decree Law of February 5 / 1997, No. 22, for a effectively and objectively recover.

The company Claus Metals Ltd is registered to the Provincial Register of Companies engaged in recovery activities related to bringing the reserve non-dangerous waste (metal scraps, ferrous and non ferrous) of Art. 33, D. Decree Law 22/1997.
Membership Class 6

Registration Number 142594/2004 of 17/05/2004 - 1190/2007 of 29/02/2008
Registration Number C.C.I.A.A. 633951 of 18/08/1983
VAT - C.F. 04447520018
Authorization To Transport N ° 227 / D 12/07/2010